Lescault and Walderman is a business consulting firm that specializes in working with sole practitioners and small-to-medium sized law firms anywhere in the United States.  We partner with our clients to ensure the selection and implementation of the ideal software solution, the design and deployment of effective accounting processes, the maintenance of accurate and reliable bookkeeping systems, and the creation and analysis of effective CFO level reports. Our staff of qualified professionals have decades of combined law firm consulting services experience.

In addition to our in-house accounting, bookkeeping, virtual CFO, and tax services, we also maintain established working relationships with third party vendors that can help us to any additional client needs. This guarantees a single, trustworthy, reliable solution.

If you are a sole practitioner or a small-to-medium sized law firm seeking an expert law-based accounting firm, contact Lescault and Walderman at 866-496-2042 to schedule a free consultation.