Choosing a Financial
Advisor for Your Law Firm

At Lescault and Walderman, not only do we understand the finer
points of compliance, but we treat each law firm first and foremost
as a business where profit is the ultimate goal...

Specialized Law Firm Accounting Services

At Lescault and Walderman, not only do we understand the finer points of compliance, but we treat each law firm first and foremost as a business where profit is the ultimate goal.

In order to ensure profit and efficiency, we provide a wide variety of solutions to law firms, ranging from complete accounting management to individual a la carte services such as:

  • Designing Custom Accounting Software Systems
  • Time and Expense Management Software
  • Case Management Software
  • Daily Bookkeeping and Oversight Services
  • Trust/IOLTA Account Management
  • Custom Fiscal Reporting

We provide complete accounting, bookkeeping and accounting management services for solo practitioners and small-to-medium sized law firms in the DC Metro Area.  This includes carefully designed accounting systems, industry-specific bookkeeping practices, accurate management oriented reporting, and effective data analysis.

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Virtual CFO Services for Lawyers

Businesses produce mountains of financial data during the course of their daily operations. This data may contain valuable insight into their health and future prognosis and identifying and making sense of this information requires specialized knowledge and experience.  Because of this, Lescault and Walderman offers virtual CFO Services for Law Firms and Attorneys in the Metro DC Area.  Using the expertise we have acquired serving the area’s top firms, we are able to help lawyers and law firms analyze and make the most of their financial data.

Our specialized Virtual CFO Services focus on:

  • Multi Location/State Reporting
  • Subsidiary Tracking
  • Guaranteed Partner Payment Reporting and Tracking (if a function of collections)
  • KPI Development and Reporting

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Tax Planning Services for Lawyers

At Lescault and Walderman, we pride ourselves on our commitment to provide a single source financial management solution to Metro DC attorneys and law firms.  When implementing our tax and advisory services, we focus on timeliness and leveraging industry-specific knowledge of tax codes and issues.

In addition to our specialized law firm tax planning and compliance advisement, we also provide:

  • Partnership and Single Member LLC Tax Services
  • Business and Personal Returns
  • Extension Filing

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Other Law Firm Consulting Services

Lescault and Walderman’s law firm consulting services also include:

  • Forecasts & Budgets
  • Internal Control Reviews
  • Profitability Improvement Studies
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Analysis
  • Firm Restructuring & Dissolution Analysis
  • Partner Withdrawal & Retirement Issues
  • Firm-wide Strategic Planning
  • Capitalization Structure & Financing Analysis
  • Review & Compilation of Financial Statements
  • Operational Reviews

The Benefits of Working with Lescault and Walderman

  • Development of a custom back office accounting system that delivers a real-time 360 degree view of your operations
  • Trusted third-party accountability for all bank and trust accounts
  • Real-time insight into the financial state of your firm
  • CFO level analysis and application of financial data
  • Knowledgeable and timely planning and processing of personal and corporate taxes

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals have the expertise required for efficient and compliant operations and intelligent business decisions. Contact us today at 866-496-2042 to schedule your free in-office consultation.

Make the Most of Your Time

Time is the most precious asset a lawyer possesses, therefore it is not surprising that many lawyers reach out to specialty firms like Lescault and Walderman to help manage back office tasks such as accounting/bookkeeping and CFO-level guidance. Our years of experience assisting law firms with the ongoing financial management required for profitable operations and compliance with Bar-mandated standards prevails crucial in providing specialized service to our clients.

Considering the substantial premium on a lawyer’s time (and the differential versus professional accounting services), every hourly task outsourced to Lescault and Walderman equates to positive income.

In larger firms, staff responsibilities place yet another burden on overextended partners, but we can help. By establishing systems and approaches that focus on billable hours, we are able to increase efficiency and maximize billable time, targeting a minimum of 1,500 billable hours/year (though we typically realize more than 1,800 hours/year).


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